6dragons Blind Player Support

6dragons is actively seeking to address any concerns for the seeing impaired. If you have any suggestions on how to make your screen readers operate better with the game, please use the IDEA SUBMIT command to enter our editor, and after you type out your idea, just type /s. That will save the idea. We actually reward ideas that we use with glory and or gold in the game.

What is 6dragons?

6dragons is a MUD, which is a text driven Multi User Dimension Game. Mud's work very well with screenreaders. The Staff of 6dragons are trying to make 6dragons the most blind friendly mud out there. We need your input to help us do that. Our game uses a medieval fantasy theme.

How to Login to Play?- Game Address

If you already have your mud client that you like, the 6dragons address is 6d.quest, port 4100.

Why play 6dragons over another mud. What features for the seeing impaired are here?

1. The command Config Screenreader in the game will make output to your screenreader easier to hear.
2. Our wilderness ascii doesn't show up if you are config screenreader in the game.
3. We have a landmark command that makes finding areas within wilderness as easy as typing landmark area name. You then will be told which general direction to go, until you end up at your destination.
4. Combat spam reduced to a few lines. Instead of hearing 8 different attack lines. You will hear only one. Your pierce has hit the goblin 8 times for 350 total damage!
5. Sound Packs that can be downloaded to hear various sounds within the mud. See help sound in the game to learn how for your client.
Download the sound file options you like.
Or get all sounds in one zip file included in sound.zip
You will have config what you want to hear correspondingly.
eg. config battle to hear battle sounds, config communication to hear communication
sounds, etc.

6. We have created compact screen reader friendly commands to make things easier. The following are some commands you will find useful: SCORE, MONEY, STATUS, SKILLS, SPELLS, WEAPONS, SONGS.
7. We have blind players, and a Blind Staff member that are working to make things better.

Popular game clients to connect to the game.

A free client that works with windows and linux.
Player Basheena donated this plugin for sounds with tin tin
A more microsoft-like feel for mud clients. Cost is $34.95
A popular customizable mud client. Cost is free
A mud client developed for the blind. Cost is $30.00
A free mud client that can assign sounds to your triggers.

Blind and Visually Impaired Sites

Audio Games
A site devoted to the blind that discusses all accessible games..
NVDA Screen Reader
A free screen reader.
A windows version of the jaws screen reader this product can be costly.
A free windows version of screen reader