01/03/2023 Tufkular zone being revamped to be more level appropriate
01/04/2023 recovery while sleeping improved
01/04/2023 troll race given passive regeneration ability
01/06/2023 beginning player practices given 6 extra to start game with
01/06/2023 fixed a crash issue with mounted npc's in update.c
01/06/2023 Money now stays with players when they die until level 50
01/07/2023 updated help files for sound downloads to proper link
01/07/2023 added practices remaining to spells, skills and weapons commands
01/08/2023 fixed ratings command to match whois top player score
01/17/2023 added sanity check to slice command to prevent game crashes
01/20/2023 Verified Zmud still works with sound pack
01/20/2023 MUSHclient now working with sounds. Download at http://6d.genesismuds.com/MUSHclient.zip
01/21/2023 corrected sound pack download location in help files
01/21/2023 Fixed copyover so it doesn't crash mud
01/25/2023 Updated SH Encryption for passwords. Please leave me a note if you locked out of character and I will assign you a temporary password.
01/29/2023 Spent a few hours today, due to realizing werror was turned off in Makefile and when I turned it back on, was piles of uninitialized and unused code that needed to be cleaned up.
01/31/2023 foundation for minor tradeskill learning added
01/31/2023 mp ifcheck added to see if master craftsman
01/31/2023 New mob command mpminor_trade create
01/31/2023 Minor trades now work in Paleon City
01/31/2023 Minor trades now work in Dakar City
02/01/2023 New area Ogre Tribal Den added
02/02/2023 Fixed a crash in move_char when a NULL in_room was called.
02/02/2023 semote command installed
02/03/2023 fixed a bug with minor trades
02/04/2023 Help files added for players to develop and submit their own quests for the game
02/04/2023 Fixed a infinite loop in move_char
02/04/2023 Fixed a minor bug with elude command
02/09/2023 fixed a bug with kamount not working with other chapters in quest code. Now works for any chapter.
02/10/2023 Added new sound to show the difference to players of swimming vs. drowning
02/10/2023 trade bags for example miner bag, hunter bag, lumber sled, etc. Now cannot be trashed.
02/10/2023 Game converted to use mp3 files instead of wave files
02/10/2023 new sound added for yell/shout
02/12/2023 Levitate skill added for Psionics
02/12/2023 updated quest sound to be more pleasant and added the same sound for updating quest chapter
02/12/2023 added sound for say and osay
02/12/2023 sound added for weapons getting dull in fight
02/13/2023 Many new sounds added
02/13/2023 replaced announcement sound with less obnoxious sound and reduced volume of area resets.
02/16/2023 New fighting sounds added
02/19/2023 fixed bug with config keep alive
02/23/2023 Tutorial zones updated to provide more information
02/24/2023 fixed a bug with archery code and the fire command not shooting into rooms
02/25/2023 Added a new teacher in the realms that teachers highly sought after skills and spells
02/25/2023 fixed aexit command to work with explore direction
03/03/2023 fixed a bug with trades not allowing minor trades to gain crafting experience
03/03/2023 New skill Clairvoyance for Psionics
03/04/2023 Fixed a pile of reported typos, generally not something I worry about but knocked them out.
03/05/2023 fixed a crash with null object call from asgard area
03/10/2023 updated can_see function and void act function
03/13/2023 if you own a ship and quit no longer on the ship it won't tell you that you must steer the ship.
03/13/2023 fixed a bug with Dakar city not giving quest on completing tutorial
03/16/2023 Added a little patriotic color to greeting screen
03/17/2023 Sound configs auto turned on when you select seeing impaired at creation. Course they can be configured off still.
03/17/2023 Storyline is now available in audio form http://6d.genesismuds.com/bin/story.mp3
03/17/2023 Bug fix so beastmaster in meld mode can't just keep walking if attacked by a mob
03/17/2023 If the beastmaster has config autodoor so does his pet when he melds
03/17/2023 Beastmaster in beastmeld cannot enter zones too high for them now
03/17/2023 Beastmaster in meld form now sees what skills he has with skills and practice command
03/18/2023 Bestmaster pets cannot wield weapons now. Yeah they could.
03/18/2023 fixed all sounds to work with beastmaster while beast meld used
03/18/2023 fixed beastmaster so can only be single class. Too specialized to have multiple classes.
03/18/2023 Added check for beast meld to not allow players to use mp commands
03/20/2023 fixed bug with smoking herbs in pipes
03/24/2023 Added char_from_room call before char_to_room in mpapplyb which had potential to crash game if not there. NO idea why that was missing.
03/26/2023 Updated spell imprisonment to release mob or player immediately if the mage drops the cage
03/29/2023 fixed bug where level.mp3 was played with every battle hit
03/31/2023 New spell for druids quicken
04/01/2023 updated prompt so completely blank for blind players unless you are fighting
04/04/2023 Animal Form will allow druids to cast spells if they are not fighting, due to having to concentrate on holding the animal form.
04/06/2023 Changed Militia quest to look for a different name mob over confusion over finding Vaskar
04/07/2023 New command buddy allows you to know when your buddys log on or log out.
04/07/2023 buddy log on sound and buddy quit sound added
04/14/2023 New domain name https://6d.quest and hosting site
04/17/2023 Necromancer class returned
04/21/2023 Many sounds have been updated
04/21/2023 Paleon City Tutorial has been revamped
04/21/2023 Dakar City Tutorial has been revamped
04/22/2023 Forbidden City Tutorial has been revamped
04/27/2023 Major update on act function, mud_comm.c mud_prog.c by Aurin
04/29/2023 New command slotlist added
05/01/2023 Updated areas command to be more accessible
05/03/2023 ifcheck mp3 added so individual rooms can have sound file calls.
05/09/2023 Vampires and Hellspawn will now be able to continue to drink blood even if full from other liquids
05/12/2023 MUSHclient updated by Tyler Spivey to work in C directory or MyDocuments
05/14/2023 fixed a bug where people could multiclass beastmaster
05/14/2023 fixed a crash bug in do_mstat due to descriptor being null
05/16/2023 fixed a corrupted sound file trash.ogg was causing people to go link-dead
05/16/2023 Crash problem fixed with a pesky can_see function issue.
05/16/2023 Now can hear a sound when quest giver is in same room
05/21/2023 Updated MUSHclient communication sounds
05/22/2023 Dragons should now see quests in journals even if quest is higher level
05/22/2023 Diminish code idea scrapped and now if you kill the mob and the level object is higher than you, it becomes your level.
05/22/2023 Assault skill will no longer hit the players pet
05/24/2023 Dig skill adjusted so you know if it's possible to dig or if your wasting your time
05/24/2023 New sound for digging and when you find something
05/25/2023 new players auto set to telnetga config as it is needed for screen readers
05/26/2023 Fixed whereis command to find homeland teachers
05/27/2023 Consider command bug with AC comparison fixed by Aurin
05/28/2023 Fixed combat so mobs don't always hit you with all their attacks.
05/28/2023 Fixed a issue that only affect dragons in their total damage messaging - Aurin Find
05/28/2023 Crafted gear now has ability to add hitroll on crafted armor level 20+ - Zaiden idea
05/29/2023 New area added for low level players Catacombs of Despair levels 3 - 10
05/29/2023 healers in temples can now remove thaitin, brittle bones and poison
06/04/2023 Too heavy or hands full when crafting now results in the item falling to the ground
06/08/2023 Fixed a bug with language scholars so you can now learn languages
06/09/2023 Increased durability of crafted shields times 2 before they crumple.
06/14/2023 Mobs that are aggressive but 10 levels less than players now cower in fear and won't attack players
06/16/2023 If your following a player that is 10 levels higher than aggressive mobs the mobs will cower and not attack you as well.
06/16/2023 Resistance checks added for Brittle bones, Corrosive, Migraine, toxin
06/17/2023 You now get a message saying what direction you fled from when you flee combat
06/22/2023 Fixed a crash with null room in combat
06/24/2023 Discord channel added for 6Dragons https://discord.gg/Brk9R2cd
06/25/2023 New area added Curse of the Necromancer
06/27/2023 Using your pets to kill should advance your quests now.
06/29/2023 multiclass at creation selection overhauled by Aurin
07/02/2023 exp system updated to have a payload at end of kill
07/02/2023 combat system updated so it only allows the number attacks for players and mobs that you are allowed and theres a chance you might miss based on dexterity and strength.
07/03/2023 updated Dragon dragonic trade quest
07/04/2023 Aurin updated slist so if multiclass you don't see duplicate skills or spells
07/08/2023 disguise skill updated
07/08/2023 Paleon or Dakar guards will attack players using disguise to be that same guard type
07/09/2023 two-handed weapons craftable added to blacksmith and carpenter
07/09/2023 Thieves or Bards with disguise can be double agents and join citizenship of opposing homelands.
07/09/2023 6Dragons discord invite code https://discord.gg/kQKG8SuxA
07/12/2023 landmark command improved to show more
07/14/2023 Good News the game is now listed once again on MUDconnecter website. Please vote for us. https://6d.quest/bin/vote.html
07/14/2023 Any quest can be tried regardless of player level, be warned the difficulty maybe too hard though
07/15/2023 Faerie fire improved and returned to druid class
07/15/2023 New spell for necromancer bone armor
07/15/2023 Players can enter any area no matter high much higher level it is with just a warning that it might be too difficult.
07/16/2023 Aurin found crash fix for tanning
07/17/2023 quest items now can be set to the player level if the player is able to complete the quest.
07/20/2023 fixed a bug with wizard eye spell
07/20/2023 Fixed Shroud Spirit so once you start fighting you are again visible.
07/21/2023 Armor Class system overhauled to be positive numbers and to be effective up to a maximum of 2000 armor class.
07/22/2023 config vipmud added for players that want to use vipmud.
07/22/2023 You can now see same group members that are invis or hidden.
07/22/2023 fixed a bug with status command
07/22/2023 Fixed a bug with petdescribe now saves past copyovers.
07/23/2023 New gold dragon skill golden nova
07/23/2023 New spell for gold dragon lights grace
07/23/2023 New spell aegis of justice for gold dragons
07/24/2023 New spell Ethereal Glide for gold dragons
07/24/2023 New spell wings of valor for Gold Dragon
07/28/2023 humanform skill updated see help humanform
07/29/2023 imprisonment spell safeguard added, city guards won't allow cages in city
07/30/2023 New spell mesmerize for Enchanters
07/30/2023 New spell beguile for Enchanters
07/30/2023 New spell clarity for enchanter
07/30/2023 New spell Soothe for Enchanters
07/30/2023 New spell Tashan for Enchanters
07/30/2023 New spell Aclarity for Enchanters
07/31/2023 New spells minor rune, lesser rune, rune and greater rune for enchanters.
07/31/2023 New spell for enchanters Chaotic Feedback
08/01/2023 Enchanters cannot recall with a pet or they lose their connection with the pet.
08/01/2023 new spell for enchanters boon of garou
08/01/2023 new spell angel illusion for Enchanter
08/01/2023 new spell monk illusion for enchanters
08/01/2023 New spell suffocating for enchanters
08/03/2023 Players pets can now follow them in all rooms, can still beckon but not needed to follow
08/05/2023 New area City of Mist added level 25 - 60
08/11/2023 fixed a bug with hypnotize spell affect with mobs same name fighting while affected
08/11/2023 Updated Enchanter help file
08/12/2023 Shops in Accura given a few things to sell as they were empty
08/12/2023 fixed quest militia to work better
08/13/2023 fixed a bug with dragon treasure regen due to the number being higher than the integer and turning negative
08/16/2023 new area Fort Dreadnight added
08/25/2023 Wind Attack spell for mage is now a area attack spell
08/26/2023 Fixed Clans so if a player no longer exists that is in clan leadership the leadership position passes to another
08/26/2023 crafting streamlined and updated by Aurin
08/26/2023 Ratings command updated to no longer show players that haven't logged longer than 4 days
08/31/2023 Wailing Haze skill converted to a spell
08/31/2023 spectral ward replaced with spirits ward spell for shaman
09/01/2023 Brittle bones skill changed to spell
09/01/2023 Hex skill changed to a spell
09/01/2023 toxin skill changed to toxin spell
09/01/2023 Corrosive skill changed to corrosive spell
09/01/2023 Migraine skill changed to migraine spell
09/01/2023 Quite a few gratz messages added for flavor.
09/01/2023 Happy Hour updated to give triple exp
09/02/2023 Ratings command updated by Aurin to use a 7 day timer if you don't log on for 7 days you lose your score
09/03/2023 Mobs can no longer summon players
09/04/2023 Adding a crap ton of quests to different areas mainly the portalstone ones first. Incorporating stuff like search command and slice skill.
09/06/2023 fixed a crash problem with double slash skill
09/09/2023 Crafting items, now is auto identified at the end, so you know what you made.
09/09/2023 fixed a bug with archery
09/10/2023 fixed a crash bug with mix
09/10/2023 chill skill changed to chill spell
09/10/2023 frost skill changed to frost spell
09/10/2023 freeze skill changed to freeze spell
09/10/2023 blizzard skill changed to spell
09/10/2023 Added craft exp option for quests
09/12/2023 Now you can remove quests from your journal that are too difficult for you and cluttering up your journal. Journal quest yield
09/14/2023 Blacksmith quest added
09/14/2023 Baker quest added
09/14/2023 Carpenter quest added
09/14/2023 Tanner quest added
09/15/2023 Jewelry quest added
09/17/2023 New Habitants added to Paleon City - the crafting quest givers, who will now be at their location 24/7. Petition Room removed.
09/17/2023 New Habitants added to Dakar City - the crafting quest givers, who will be now at their location 24/7. Petition Room removed.
09/22/2023 New quests added to Abandoned Cabin area
09/23/2023 fixed a bug where chameleon skill would stay on even when fighting
09/23/2023 updated taunt enrage mortify so they will hold mob hatred easier
09/24/2023 new quests added to Garden area
09/24/2023 fixed a broken quest in cliffs of green
09/24/2023 imprisonment spell duration reduced for npcs
09/24/2023 thaitin duration reduced for npcs
09/29/2023 fixed wilderness mobs bug so they don't attack each other
09/30/2023 fixed a crash with hands being full and recieving a ship deed
09/30/2023 fixed aboard command for ships with grouped players
09/30/2023 fixed depart command to work with grouped players
09/30/2023 fixed a bug with spirits ward always showing it being shattered
09/30/2023 fixed issue with defend quest shaman getting killed by the druid so you can't finish the quest
09/30/2023 shops now don't have have level requirements for items. It's always at your level.
09/30/2023 New skill for blue dragons frozen burst
09/30/2023 Crafted armor now has a chance for master craftsman to be legendary.
10/01/2023 fixed a bug where trade skills weren't showing up in practice command
10/01/2023 blizzard spell changed to area of effect spell
10/07/2023 Remort classes and options being revamped
10/07/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk charm ray
10/07/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk enervation ray
10/07/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk telekinetic ray
10/07/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk antimagic ray
10/07/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk disintegration ray
10/07/2023 Beholder remort class grows a new eye stalk every 10 levels
10/07/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk sluggish ray
10/07/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk petrification ray
10/07/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk thermal ray
10/07/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk despair ray
10/08/2023 new spell for beholder remort class eye stalk exhaustion ray
10/08/2023 New race added Monster for beholder remort
10/08/2023 eyestalk wear location 1 - 10 added for beholder remort
10/09/2023 New help file help beholder added to explain the beholder remort
10/09/2023 Remort help file updated
10/09/2023 help balrog added for remorting to balrog
10/09/2023 help sphinx file added for remorting to sphinx
10/13/2023 new skill for giant remort dense skin
10/14/2023 Beholder given a limited tradeskill that doesn't go up in levels.
10/14/2023 Remort command returned for anyone that wants to remort to Beholder
10/14/2023 New skill for remort giant class swat
10/14/2023 new skill for remort giant class, flick
10/14/2023 New skill for remort class giant rush
10/14/2023 giants now grow in height as they level like dragons
10/15/2023 new remort giant skill called trunk
10/15/2023 New skill for giants leap travel
10/15/2023 Remort giant boulder skill create
10/15/2023 Bug fix found by Aurin with claw and bite
10/15/2023 new skill for remort class giant earsplitting bellow
10/16/2023 New help file help trunk written
10/16/2023 help file for swat added
10/16/2023 new help file help boulder added
10/16/2023 New help file for leap travel added
10/16/2023 new help file for earsplitting bellow added
10/16/2023 new help file for flick added
10/16/2023 new help file for rush added
10/16/2023 Giant remorts available for avatar players to chose.
10/20/2023 slice skill updated to work with beholders
10/20/2023 unearth skill added to giant class
10/21/2023 rig skill added to giant class
10/21/2023 new skill for two-headed dragon twin fury
10/21/2023 New skill gemini scales for two-headed dragon
10/21/2023 coordinated strike skill added to two-headed dragons
10/22/2023 New skill for two-headed dragons conjoined twins
10/22/2023 New skill for two-headed dragons dual roar
10/22/2023 fixed a bug where shockshield had no effect
10/27/2023 headbutt helpfile rewritten
10/28/2023 All player class help files rewritten with some humor added.
10/29/2023 new spell for two-headed dragons serpentine surge
11/03/2023 alias code redone to no longer have a limit of 500
11/04/2023 help file for alias command updated
11/04/2023 landmark command upgraded to show areas to south and north
11/04/2023 archery code bug fixed by Aurin
11/04/2023 landmark help file redone
11/05/2023 Thaitin affected removed from fireshield, instead burn affect given.
11/05/2023 enshrouding flames added for Balrog
11/05/2023 Your constitution now allows you a chance to recover from poison, thaitin, and other adverse affects when you are no longer fighting.
11/10/2023 Weekend Happyhour Experience Randomly added so some weekends will have it automatically
11/12/2023 Weekend Fullwar city siege event randomly added so some weekends will have it run automatically
11/12/2023 When asked to wait for the NPC to finish speaking if you attempt to move 3 times you will be free to continue moving.
11/16/2023 new mud list site where you can do a review for us. I'll update the contribute help file as well. https://game-scry.online/game/classic%206dragons
11/19/2023 Added Messaging sounds and sights you might hear or see during a siege for full war siege event
11/19/2023 During full war event if you try to leave your city you could get attacked by a sieging soldier
11/19/2023 Deaths in the city during full war event are handled like arena deaths, no exp loss.
11/23/2023 You now get double experience for fighting when grouped, with no special events.
11/24/2023 New area flag added to prevent players from accidently stumbling into the special event areas with breech, astral, etc.
11/25/2023 bug fix to rig tradeskill for beholders
11/25/2023 fixed a bug where you could practice all spells/skills at any outside city teacher. You must find the appropriate teacher now for your spell or skill.
11/26/2023 sieging soldiers now carry weapons and level is more appropriate
11/26/2023 There is now a chance that invading forces may come in through the sewers
11/27/2023 event special area choice added to cset systemdata to keep track of rotation
12/03/2023 modified reset code to place certain quest mobs in event areas during certain events.
12/03/2023 Master Teacher event now ready to be thrown into weekend event randomness.
12/06/2023 help file added for Master teacher event
12/06/2023 help file for weekend fullwar event added
12/06/2023 help file added for help event as well
12/07/2023 fixed a bug where you stayed flying after unshifting from a flying form
12/08/2023 fixed a bug where city siege fortify numbers would turn negative from full war weekend
12/08/2023 Warrior skill forward charge upgraded to have a additonal effect
12/08/2023 Adjusted how shields work, so they still crumple when hit so many times but takes many more hits. And you can repair them after they crumple.
12/09/2023 fixed a reset bug with Master teacher game event
12/09/2023 Fixed a bug where Master Teacher wasn't teaching everything
12/09/2023 help file for truesight has been rewritten
12/16/2023 Vampires given a small increase to hitroll and damroll based on their age.
12/16/2023 Adjusted hitroll to go from players dexterity instead of strength. Strength now only affects damroll instead of damroll and hitroll.
12/16/2023 new help file help vamp_age
12/16/2023 adjusted gauge skill to reflect help vamp_age
12/16/2023 Random event Weekend Boost affect added to the game
12/17/2023 bug crash fix with do_slice
01/20/2024 fixed bug with city siege
02/03/2024 Crash issue resolved. Root cause identified and resolved. Player's can once again learn skills and spells. If you would rather not do the learning process, catch Aurin on Discord to resolve it. Aurin is available all weekend (minus sleep!)
02/10/2024 Null pointer (crash) fixed when calculating kill scores during an event.
02/10/2024 Issue where !!SOUND calls are received multiple times due to multiple NPCs in the room has been fixed. It will now only trigger once. Additionally, the tell.ogg/wav will not trigger with say/osay commands any more.
02/13/2024 Bug regarding unable to change home town if starting city is Dakar City or Forbidden City has been fixed.
02/13/2024 Extreme Mode gold currency bug has been resolved, to an extent. Currency type has been increased by 1 tier for when you get things. See HELP EXTREME for more information on this.
02/24/2024 Infinite HP bug with slow spell squished.
02/24/2024 Infinite HR bug with Golden Nova squished.
02/24/2024 Breech and Astral Walk now give proper responses when attempting to go to an NPC or Player that is either of higher level or a STAFF member.
02/24/2024 Dragons can no longer stack Aegis of Justice. This had no real impact on the player except to have it be able to cast multiple times, which shouldn't be allowed as it's has a duration attached to it.
03/01/2024 Cleanup code for Teacher weekend event has been fixed. The swirling vortex will no longer stick around after the event is over.
03/04/2024 Cleanup code for Weekend Events has been added. If you see a weekend event go beyond the weekend, please bug it.
03/11/2024 Cleanup code for Teacher Weekend Event expanded and will hopefully work now.
03/17/2024 Users using screenreader noticed a bug related to area command--it was not showing all possible areas with values entered. This has been resolved.
03/24/2024 Mental State considerations on inventory display issues has been temporarily turned off. This means no matter your mental state, you'll still be able to view what's in your inventory.
04/12/2024 Crash related to Beholder's Rig skill has been resolved (I hope!), by substituting a default corpse value when errors are detected. If it crashes again, let me know.
04/13/2024 Social "hum" changed to "humm" as the "human form" skill was conflicting with its' use.
04/13/2024 Keep Alive messages have been expanded and colorized!
04/13/2024 The "all" option has been added to the Junk and Trash commands. This applies only to what is visible to the player in the room, and still follows same conditions as would be seen when targeting a specific item.
04/13/2024 Swarm help file updated to properly reflect its' usage.
04/13/2024 Willow Skin help file updated to properly reflect its' usage.
04/13/2024 New help file for Astral Attack!
04/13/2024 When looking into the Jeweler's mining bag, iron/steel/titanium will no longer be shown as they are not possible to be mined by a Jeweler. If you also have the Blacksmith trade class, this will still show up as Blacksmiths can mine these materials.
04/15/2024 Crash fix. Error logging was causing MUDD to crash due to null pointers. Code modified to hopefully resolve this issue.
04/15/2024 You can now "deposit all" and "withdraw all" at a bank.
04/27/2024 Crash due to bug logs growing too large. Root cause was an item trying to be extracted but was in a prototype state--this is prevented to keep items from being accidentally removed. Prototype removed from item as it was no longer needed. Secondary issue of the server maintaining connection to old code in RAM. Cleared server RAM and this resolved the secondary issue. Crash resolved and additional logging info provided for future debugging.
05/01/2024 Added a link to our Discord server to the who command.
05/05/2024 Breath AoE skill has been limited to 20 targets to prevent the game from locking up while calculating all that damage to multiple targets.
05/05/2024 MPAT and MPFORCE mob quest script commands fixed to provide proper information for tokens passed into the bug reports that are auto-generated when there's a problem.
05/19/2024 General Commands used added to the Guide page on the website to help newer players.
05/25/2024 Crash due to excessively long command line input should be resolved. If it happens again, players should receive a prompt that their input was too long and prevent the crash from happening.
05/25/2024 Glory command reworked to not trash items, but instead only remove the glory affect added to the item. Additional options: All, which allows you to remove all glory affects from an item. , which allows you to remove a specific glory affect, in the cases where an item has more than one glory affect applied.
05/25/2024 Glory command update does not apply to currently applied glory affects--this is NOT backwards compatible! If you want glory removed from an item previous to this date, you will need to work with STAFF to get this resolved.
05/27/2024 Happy Hour logic error has been resolved. The event should end after an hour as intended and expected.
06/06/2024 Crash due to trying to force an NPC to use the wings commands has been fixed. I'll look into updating winged mounts in the future so that they can properly use a fly-type command. Mounts such a the phoenix is sold in a flying state, so just don't have them land for now.
06/06/2024 Shadowknight's and Crusader's Steed will now be able to kick, stomp and headbutt, in addition to their base attack of bite.
06/07/2024 Rebirth Announcement verbiage updated to match all other announcements. Standardization is a good thing!
06/07/2024 Mount skill updated to allow you to mount a flying mount even if you are not flying or floating. You will also auto-land to mount if the mount is on the ground and you are flying or floating.
06/07/2024 Flee code updated to include your current mount. There's no reason a mount should remain behind, particularly if you're currently riding it!
06/08/2024 Spell Blizzard will no longer target ungrouped mounts/pets. It will still target mounts/pets that belong to mobs, though.
06/15/2024 After all this time, issue with practicing spells/skills at or below level 20 at your hometown teacher has been resolved and thoroughly tested.
06/15/2024 Bug fix: You can no longer sabotage while sleeping.
06/20/2024 Crash related to practice fixed. Issue was that misspelled skills/spells caused a non-value to be returned. Updated code to handle these typos.
06/22/2024 Mistake was made and a bunch of skills/spells were removed from Two-Headed, Balrog, Giant and Beholder classes. I've re-added these spells/skills. If you find an issue, please bug it with the specifics of what is wrong (such as level, wait times, costs, etc.). Any bug report without specific will be closed without investigation.
06/26/2024 Crash fix. When wild mob attempted to locate a target and no other target was in room, would cause crash. This likely happened while a player was moving quickly through the rooms to cause the function to trigger, but did not stay long enough for it to conclude. Extremely rare occurrence of this type of crash.
07/13/2024 Weekend War termination code updated to include the cleanup code for ending a siege. This should properly eliminate all the siege mobs/equipment on Monday morning.
07/13/2024 Glory Stat command fixed! You can now view the glory status of objects within your inventory once more!
07/13/2024 Ward of Ethereal damage absorption recalculated to absorb more damage in line with the high level it is gained at. Can now potentially withstand 2-3 rounds of attacks before dissipating, but cannot re-apply until cool down of 2 minutes expires.
07/15/2024 Some additional housekeeping for Siege code has been done. It appears values were exceeding their limits and may have been the cause for leftover mobs/objs after a siege. Limits set, so I hope this resolves the issues as I don't see anything else that would prevent the proper cleanup after a siege.

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