01/03/2023 Tufkular zone being revamped to be more level appropriate
01/04/2023 recovery while sleeping improved
01/04/2023 troll race given passive regeneration ability
01/06/2023 beginning player practices given 6 extra to start game with
01/06/2023 fixed a crash issue with mounted npc's in update.c
01/06/2023 Money now stays with players when they die until level 50
01/07/2023 updated help files for sound downloads to proper link
01/07/2023 added practices remaining to spells, skills and weapons commands
01/08/2023 fixed ratings command to match whois top player score
01/17/2023 added sanity check to slice command to prevent game crashes
01/20/2023 Verified Zmud still works with sound pack
01/20/2023 MUSHclient now working with sounds. Download at http://6d.genesismuds.com/MUSHclient.zip
01/21/2023 corrected sound pack download location in help files
01/21/2023 Fixed copyover so it doesn't crash mud
01/25/2023 Updated SH Encryption for passwords. Please leave me a note if you locked out of character and I will assign you a temporary password.
01/29/2023 Spent a few hours today, due to realizing werror was turned off in Makefile and when I turned it back on, was piles of uninitialized and unused code that needed to be cleaned up.
01/31/2023 foundation for minor tradeskill learning added
01/31/2023 mp ifcheck added to see if master craftsman
01/31/2023 New mob command mpminor_trade create
01/31/2023 Minor trades now work in Paleon City
01/31/2023 Minor trades now work in Dakar City
02/01/2023 New area Ogre Tribal Den added
02/02/2023 Fixed a crash in move_char when a NULL in_room was called.
02/02/2023 semote command installed
02/03/2023 fixed a bug with minor trades
02/04/2023 Help files added for players to develop and submit their own quests for the game
02/04/2023 Fixed a infinite loop in move_char
02/04/2023 Fixed a minor bug with elude command
02/09/2023 fixed a bug with kamount not working with other chapters in quest code. Now works for any chapter.
02/10/2023 Added new sound to show the difference to players of swimming vs. drowning
02/10/2023 trade bags for example miner bag, hunter bag, lumber sled, etc. Now cannot be trashed.
02/10/2023 Game converted to use mp3 files instead of wave files
02/10/2023 new sound added for yell/shout
02/12/2023 Levitate skill added for Psionics
02/12/2023 updated quest sound to be more pleasant and added the same sound for updating quest chapter
02/12/2023 added sound for say and osay
02/12/2023 sound added for weapons getting dull in fight
02/13/2023 Many new sounds added
02/13/2023 replaced announcement sound with less obnoxious sound and reduced volume of area resets.
02/16/2023 New fighting sounds added
02/19/2023 fixed bug with config keep alive
02/23/2023 Tutorial zones updated to provide more information
02/24/2023 fixed a bug with archery code and the fire command not shooting into rooms
02/25/2023 Added a new teacher in the realms that teachers highly sought after skills and spells
02/25/2023 fixed aexit command to work with explore direction
03/03/2023 fixed a bug with trades not allowing minor trades to gain crafting experience
03/03/2023 New skill Clairvoyance for Psionics
03/04/2023 Fixed a pile of reported typos, generally not something I worry about but knocked them out.
03/05/2023 fixed a crash with null object call from asgard area
03/10/2023 updated can_see function and void act function
03/13/2023 if you own a ship and quit no longer on the ship it won't tell you that you must steer the ship.
03/13/2023 fixed a bug with Dakar city not giving quest on completing tutorial
03/16/2023 Added a little patriotic color to greeting screen
03/17/2023 Sound configs auto turned on when you select seeing impaired at creation. Course they can be configured off still.
03/17/2023 Storyline is now available in audio form http://6d.genesismuds.com/bin/story.mp3
03/17/2023 Bug fix so beastmaster in meld mode can't just keep walking if attacked by a mob
03/17/2023 If the beastmaster has config autodoor so does his pet when he melds
03/17/2023 Beastmaster in beastmeld cannot enter zones too high for them now
03/17/2023 Beastmaster in meld form now sees what skills he has with skills and practice command
03/18/2023 Bestmaster pets cannot wield weapons now. Yeah they could.
03/18/2023 fixed all sounds to work with beastmaster while beast meld used
03/18/2023 fixed beastmaster so can only be single class. Too specialized to have multiple classes.
03/18/2023 Added check for beast meld to not allow players to use mp commands
03/20/2023 fixed bug with smoking herbs in pipes
03/24/2023 Added char_from_room call before char_to_room in mpapplyb which had potential to crash game if not there. NO idea why that was missing.
03/26/2023 Updated spell imprisonment to release mob or player immediately if the mage drops the cage
03/29/2023 fixed bug where level.mp3 was played with every battle hit
03/31/2023 New spell for druids quicken
04/01/2023 updated prompt so completely blank for blind players unless you are fighting
04/04/2023 Animal Form will allow druids to cast spells if they are not fighting, due to having to concentrate on holding the animal form.
04/06/2023 Changed Militia quest to look for a different name mob over confusion over finding Vaskar
04/07/2023 New command buddy allows you to know when your buddys log on or log out.
04/07/2023 buddy log on sound and buddy quit sound added
04/14/2023 New domain name https://6d.quest and hosting site
04/17/2023 Necromancer class returned
04/21/2023 Many sounds have been updated
04/21/2023 Paleon City Tutorial has been revamped
04/21/2023 Dakar City Tutorial has been revamped
04/22/2023 Forbidden City Tutorial has been revamped
04/27/2023 Major update on act function, mud_comm.c mud_prog.c by Aurin
04/29/2023 New command slotlist added
05/01/2023 Updated areas command to be more accessible
05/03/2023 ifcheck mp3 added so individual rooms can have sound file calls.
05/09/2023 Vampires and Hellspawn will now be able to continue to drink blood even if full from other liquids
05/12/2023 MUSHclient updated by Tyler Spivey to work in C directory or MyDocuments
05/14/2023 fixed a bug where people could multiclass beastmaster
05/14/2023 fixed a crash bug in do_mstat due to descriptor being null
05/16/2023 fixed a corrupted sound file trash.ogg was causing people to go link-dead
05/16/2023 Crash problem fixed with a pesky can_see function issue.
05/16/2023 Now can hear a sound when quest giver is in same room
05/21/2023 Updated MUSHclient communication sounds
05/22/2023 Dragons should now see quests in journals even if quest is higher level
05/22/2023 Diminish code idea scrapped and now if you kill the mob and the level object is higher than you, it becomes your level.
05/22/2023 Assault skill will no longer hit the players pet
05/24/2023 Dig skill adjusted so you know if it's possible to dig or if your wasting your time
05/24/2023 New sound for digging and when you find something
05/25/2023 new players auto set to telnetga config as it is needed for screen readers
05/26/2023 Fixed whereis command to find homeland teachers
05/27/2023 Consider command bug with AC comparison fixed by Aurin
05/28/2023 Fixed combat so mobs don't always hit you with all their attacks.
05/28/2023 Fixed a issue that only affect dragons in their total damage messaging - Aurin Find
05/28/2023 Crafted gear now has ability to add hitroll on crafted armor level 20+ - Zaiden idea
05/29/2023 New area added for low level players Catacombs of Despair levels 3 - 10
05/29/2023 healers in temples can now remove thaitin, brittle bones and poison
06/04/2023 Too heavy or hands full when crafting now results in the item falling to the ground
06/08/2023 Fixed a bug with language scholars so you can now learn languages
06/09/2023 Increased durability of crafted shields times 2 before they crumple.
06/14/2023 Mobs that are aggressive but 10 levels less than players now cower in fear and won't attack players
06/16/2023 If your following a player that is 10 levels higher than aggressive mobs the mobs will cower and not attack you as well.
06/16/2023 Resistance checks added for Brittle bones, Corrosive, Migraine, toxin
06/17/2023 You now get a message saying what direction you fled from when you flee combat
06/22/2023 Fixed a crash with null room in combat
06/24/2023 Discord channel added for 6Dragons https://discord.gg/Brk9R2cd
06/25/2023 New area added Curse of the Necromancer
06/27/2023 Using your pets to kill should advance your quests now.
06/29/2023 multiclass at creation selection overhauled by Aurin
07/02/2023 exp system updated to have a payload at end of kill
07/02/2023 combat system updated so it only allows the number attacks for players and mobs that you are allowed and theres a chance you might miss based on dexterity and strength.
07/03/2023 updated Dragon dragonic trade quest
07/04/2023 Aurin updated slist so if multiclass you don't see duplicate skills or spells
07/08/2023 disguise skill updated
07/08/2023 Paleon or Dakar guards will attack players using disguise to be that same guard type
07/09/2023 two-handed weapons craftable added to blacksmith and carpenter
07/09/2023 Thieves or Bards with disguise can be double agents and join citizenship of opposing homelands.
07/09/2023 6Dragons discord invite code https://discord.gg/kQKG8SuxA
07/12/2023 landmark command improved to show more
07/14/2023 Good News the game is now listed once again on MUDconnecter website. Please vote for us. https://6d.quest/bin/vote.html
07/14/2023 Any quest can be tried regardless of player level, be warned the difficulty maybe too hard though
07/15/2023 Faerie fire improved and returned to druid class
07/15/2023 New spell for necromancer bone armor
07/15/2023 Players can enter any area no matter high much higher level it is with just a warning that it might be too difficult.
07/16/2023 Aurin found crash fix for tanning
07/17/2023 quest items now can be set to the player level if the player is able to complete the quest.
07/20/2023 fixed a bug with wizard eye spell
07/20/2023 Fixed Shroud Spirit so once you start fighting you are again visible.
07/21/2023 Armor Class system overhauled to be positive numbers and to be effective up to a maximum of 2000 armor class.
07/22/2023 config vipmud added for players that want to use vipmud.
07/22/2023 You can now see same group members that are invis or hidden.
07/22/2023 fixed a bug with status command
07/22/2023 Fixed a bug with petdescribe now saves past copyovers.
07/23/2023 New gold dragon skill golden nova
07/23/2023 New spell for gold dragon lights grace
07/23/2023 New spell aegis of justice for gold dragons
07/24/2023 New spell Ethereal Glide for gold dragons
07/24/2023 New spell wings of valor for Gold Dragon
07/28/2023 humanform skill updated see help humanform
07/29/2023 imprisonment spell safeguard added, city guards won't allow cages in city
07/30/2023 New spell mesmerize for Enchanters
07/30/2023 New spell beguile for Enchanters
07/30/2023 New spell clarity for enchanter
07/30/2023 New spell Soothe for Enchanters
07/30/2023 New spell Tashan for Enchanters
07/30/2023 New spell Aclarity for Enchanters
07/31/2023 New spells minor rune, lesser rune, rune and greater rune for enchanters.
07/31/2023 New spell for enchanters Chaotic Feedback
08/01/2023 Enchanters cannot recall with a pet or they lose their connection with the pet.
08/01/2023 new spell for enchanters boon of garou
08/01/2023 new spell angel illusion for Enchanter
08/01/2023 new spell monk illusion for enchanters
08/01/2023 New spell suffocating for enchanters
08/03/2023 Players pets can now follow them in all rooms, can still beckon but not needed to follow
08/05/2023 New area City of Mist added level 25 - 60
08/11/2023 fixed a bug with hypnotize spell affect with mobs same name fighting while affected
08/11/2023 Updated Enchanter help file
08/12/2023 Shops in Accura given a few things to sell as they were empty
08/12/2023 fixed quest militia to work better
08/13/2023 fixed a bug with dragon treasure regen due to the number being higher than the integer and turning negative
08/16/2023 new area Fort Dreadnight added
08/25/2023 Wind Attack spell for mage is now a area attack spell
08/26/2023 Fixed Clans so if a player no longer exists that is in clan leadership the leadership position passes to another
08/26/2023 crafting streamlined and updated by Aurin
08/26/2023 Ratings command updated to no longer show players that haven't logged longer than 4 days
08/31/2023 Wailing Haze skill converted to a spell
08/31/2023 spectral ward replaced with spirits ward spell for shaman
09/01/2023 Brittle bones skill changed to spell
09/01/2023 Hex skill changed to a spell
09/01/2023 toxin skill changed to toxin spell
09/01/2023 Corrosive skill changed to corrosive spell
09/01/2023 Migraine skill changed to migraine spell
09/01/2023 Quite a few gratz messages added for flavor.
09/01/2023 Happy Hour updated to give triple exp
09/02/2023 Ratings command updated by Aurin to use a 7 day timer if you don't log on for 7 days you lose your score
09/03/2023 Mobs can no longer summon players
09/04/2023 Adding a crap ton of quests to different areas mainly the portalstone ones first. Incorporating stuff like search command and slice skill.
09/06/2023 fixed a crash problem with double slash skill
09/09/2023 Crafting items, now is auto identified at the end, so you know what you made.
09/09/2023 fixed a bug with archery
09/10/2023 fixed a crash bug with mix
09/10/2023 chill skill changed to chill spell
09/10/2023 frost skill changed to frost spell
09/10/2023 freeze skill changed to freeze spell
09/10/2023 blizzard skill changed to spell
09/10/2023 Added craft exp option for quests
09/12/2023 Now you can remove quests from your journal that are too difficult for you and cluttering up your journal. Journal quest yield
09/14/2023 Blacksmith quest added
09/14/2023 Baker quest added
09/14/2023 Carpenter quest added
09/14/2023 Tanner quest added
09/15/2023 Jewelry quest added
09/17/2023 New Habitants added to Paleon City - the crafting quest givers, who will now be at their location 24/7. Petition Room removed.
09/17/2023 New Habitants added to Dakar City - the crafting quest givers, who will be now at their location 24/7. Petition Room removed.
09/22/2023 New quests added to Abandoned Cabin area
09/23/2023 fixed a bug where chameleon skill would stay on even when fighting
09/23/2023 updated taunt enrage mortify so they will hold mob hatred easier
09/24/2023 new quests added to Garden area
09/24/2023 fixed a broken quest in cliffs of green
09/24/2023 imprisonment spell duration reduced for npcs
09/24/2023 thaitin duration reduced for npcs

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