In a bygone era, when magic flowed abundantly through the world and prosperity bloomed in diverse nations, the tapestry of existence bore an enchanting hue. Yet, the symphony of harmony would soon shatter, for destiny had a different composition in mind. At the heart of this transformation was a young magician, Tanzean'al, whose name would become synonymous with both malevolence and redemption.

Tanzean'al, once a promising prodigy, was ensnared by the siren's call of power and avarice. The insidious whispers of a succubus demon seduced his spirit, kindling an insatiable hunger for dominion. With forbidden knowledge imparted by the demon's whispers, Tanzean'al delved into arcane arts that mortals were never meant to grasp.

One fateful night, the tempest of Tanzean'al's newfound power erupted like a cataclysmic storm. He turned against his mentors, extinguishing their lives with a remorseless hand, sparing only Kolak, the royal magician, due to the king's absence. Aroused by righteous fury, King James of Paleon City dispatched a battalion of valiant soldiers to apprehend the rogue sorcerer.

However, Tanzean'al had already unraveled the threads of creation, fashioning grotesque races from captive elves and dwarves through his malefic craft. Orcs, goblins, ogres, and trolls, all forged in the crucible of his dark arts, descended upon the Paleon company in a nightmarish onslaught. Blood flowed, and the cries of the fallen echoed as the marauding abominations feasted upon the living.

In a grim display of his dominance, Tanzean'al adorned his manor with the severed heads of his victims, impaled on pikes. The fortress, fortified with his vile sorcery, served as a bastion of terror.

With each village he subjugated, Tanzean'al swelled his ranks, forming an infamous army known as the THRONG. They left behind a trail of savagery, etching their name in infamy for their merciless brutality.

Yet, salvation lay in the wisdom of Kolak, the royal magician. He implored King James to forge an alliance with the free races of the world, uniting elves, dwarves, humans, and gnomes against the encroaching darkness. The ALLIANCE was born from this unity, a beacon of hope in a world veiled in shadow.

The final clash between the ALLIANCE and the THRONG erupted before the walls of Manoake. The THRONG, seemingly unstoppable, met their reckoning when six majestic dragons descended from the heavens. Their fiery breath and indomitable power rent the enemy asunder. In the midst of chaos, Tanzean'al, in a malevolent display of magic, struck down the Green Dragon.

The battle was a cataclysm of carnage, unrivaled in the annals of history. However, with the majestic dragons coordinating their assaults under the guidance of royal magician Kolak, the tide turned, and the THRONG met its doom.

In the aftermath, Kolak sealed Tanzean'al within an impenetrable magical prison, where he could do no more harm. But the embers of Tanzean'al's malice smoldered, and his agents scoured the world, seeking to amass the magic needed to break their malevolent master free.

The hour of reckoning has arrived once more. Tanzean'al, unshackled from his arcane prison, assembles an army of unparalleled horror. The THRONG, a nightmarish legion, stands at the doorstep of the free Nations, casting an ominous shadow over the world. The clarion call of the free Nations resounds once again, echoing through the ages. An alliance must be forged. The fate of the world hangs in the balance, as heroes and legends rise to confront the encroaching darkness and etch their names into the annals of time.