What is Classic 6dragons?
Introducing Classic 6Dragons, the multi-user dungeon game that unleashes the dragons as they were meant to be: powerful, awe-inspiring, and incredibly FUN! And let me tell you, this game is so epic that even the dragons themselves would want to log in for a playdate! Now, let's talk features, because we've got 'em in spades! First off, we've got Accessibility on lock. 6 Dragons has a soundpack and settings specially designed for our visually impaired players. We believe everyone deserves a chance to conquer the dragon horde, right? But hey, maybe you're not into the whole hack and slash routine. No worries! In 6Dragons, you can be a master of trades, whether you want to wield a hammer as a blacksmith, bedazzle the world as a jeweler, whip up some mouthwatering treats as a baker, or wheel and deal as a shrewd trader. The choice is yours! Now, if you're the type who's always getting lost in the wilderness, fear not! Our brilliant landmark code makes sure you won't end up dragon chow in some dark, forested abyss. Your adventures will be smooth, exciting, and navigation-friendly. But here's where it gets really wild with Custom City Siege code! You can lead epic sieges on other cities, just like you're plotting world domination. We're talking strategic warfare and cunning tactics in a fantasy realm. Take that, boring city management games! Oh, and let's not forget the crown jewel of 6Dragons: our Custom Quest Journal. Say goodbye to cookie-cutter quests and hello to a unique questing experience. No questmaster cut-and-paste here, just pure, one of a kind adventures waiting for you to uncover. Now, don't just take my word for it, because we've got one of our players, Zaiden, to tell you what they think. Check out this rave review at https://6d.quest/bin/zaiden.mp3 and see for yourself how Classic 6Dragons is taking the gaming world by storm! So, what are you waiting for? Join the adventure, join the legacy, and become the dragon master you were always meant to be. Classic 6Dragons where dragons come to life, and your epic quest begins!

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Discord: https://discord.gg/bd2nXk6njf

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